You don’t have to engage: a rant.

So, here goes nothing. The is such a great tool for those that want to get away from traditional .

There’s LOTS to like about it, including but not limited to: being able to block single persons or even whole instances on a whim; control of your own social media destiny by being able to download your own data whenever you want and move to a different instance; hosting your own instance that uses and being able to curate your experience to the finest details. BUT one thing that hasn’t changed, is the type of people who interact with your content.

I’ve only been a part of the Fediverse for a few weeks, by way of hosting my own instance. In my limited experience, for some reason or another, people feel the need to tell you that they don’t like your content?


Who does it benefit, besides your own (obviously very inflated) ego. Nobody cares if you don’t like something. You can just scroll past if you want. You could even block the person posting the content. Instead you decide to reply with something insulting like “why is this in my feed?”.

In my opinion, this behavior is nothing but begging for attention. Nobody will go find the fediverse’s manager and curate the feed for you. Nobody will feel bad that your eyes had the AUDACITY to see said content.

You’re just trying to incite arguments for no reason. This behavior needs to stop. It’s ridiculous.

Rant over. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Thanks for reading my blog. Have a happy , friends! Be a little more nice, and I’m sure you’ll get the same respect.





2 responses to “You don’t have to engage: a rant.”

  1. Damon Avatar

    @BeAware I love this! Some of the behaviour is so gross it’s not even funny

    1. BeAware Avatar

      Totally! I just don’t understand why? is it purely to incite an argument? or do they genuinely not really understand what they’re doing? it’s crazy and annoying as hell.

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