Let’s talk games, a low energy non-rant.

Hello again, friend! Let’s talk about games. These days, I find myself getting less and less excited about new games. It’s just more and more of the same nowadays.

Sure, there’s games like Elden Ring or Baldur’s Gate 3 that people LOVE, but they don’t really do anything different besides scope. Yeah, scope is good but Elden Ring is just an open world souls-like. 2 classic genres combined, but it doesn’t do anything revolutionary for either genre. The open world aspects are the same as they’ve been in every open world game, ever, and the same can be said about the souls mechanics.

On the other hand, Baldur’s Gate 3 is defining what a CRPG truly is. But again, it’s just bigger scope, like “a LOT of CRPG” in one game, but nothing majorly different in terms of furthering the technology.

I am getting this same feeling from Starfield. I see oogles and oogles of articles about things you can do in Starfield and after I’ve read every one, I always think the same thing. “So, Skyrim in space….” That’s good and all, but Skyrim was released almost 12 years ago and No Man’s Sky, almost 7.

Where’s the innovatiion? Has gaming technology gotten stagnant? Does anyone else feel this way? Or is it just me? I’d love to know what you think.

As always, thanks for reading, friend! Be nice to each other and you will receive the same respect. Have a good day!





3 responses to “Let’s talk games, a low energy non-rant.”

  1. Viktor Glukozavr Kurochkin Avatar

    @BeAware what do you expect from innovation? Combination that was not here before – is innovation. Continuation of a story is novel. Its always one step at a time. Players usually struggle digesting too many changes at once anyway. Plus, big money don’t take too many risks. Do you play indie games? 😃

    1. BeAware Avatar

      You’re 100% right that I don’t play enough indie games. Are there any you’d recommend that are fairly new? I’ve been playing some vampire survivors and enjoying it. It’s one of those simple “pickup and go” type games. BUT the innovation I’m looking for is something within the genres. I digress though, I feel I’m being too picky. I just wish stuff changed a little more. I don’t really want “Skyrim in space” is kinda the whole point to the post. I tried not to dig too deep into Starfield for that though. haha.

  2. Roundcat Avatar

    @BeAware I find most innovation and excitement in the indie space these days. I think in terms of tech, most modern industries can only think to do the same but bigger. Meanwhile, Indie is all about doing more with what little one has, or reexploring what the industry has left behind.Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has been the game I've been most excited to play this year.

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